Es un proyecto de CREAS A.C. dedicado a la difusión de obras realizadas por autoras, fuera de la industria, tanto en cine
como en video.
Selección realizada por Natalia Piñuel (Playtime Audiovisuales)
A project from CREAS A.C about women filmmakers.
Curated by Natalia Piñuel – Playtime Audiovisuales- Follow us @playtimeav
and @petulak

ELENA DUQUE: La Piedra Blanca (2014)

MARION CRUZA & NADIA BARKATE: Elvis Reber- Riotinto- videoclip (2010)

FILIPA CESAR: Porto, 1975- excerpt of a documentary- (2010)

ARIADNA RIBAS: El Petit de Cal Eril “La perla”. Letra y música: Joan Pons Villaró

SILVIA REY: Dios Sabe (2012)

JODIE MACK: Point de Gaze (2012)

#Jodie Mack   #UK  

XIMENA CUEVAS: Someone behind the door (2005)

CARLOTA ZAPATA: La Visita (2013)

CRISTINA BUSTO: L.E.V. 2013 (visuals)+ Pole


RGB,D-LAY by Petra Cortright is a webcam video piece publicly available on YouTube. 

Petra is represented by Steve Turner Contemporary in Los Angeles, and began making webcam videos in 2007. As they were primarily introduced on YouTube, she decided to correlate the prices to the number of times a video has been viewed, pioneering a new kind of value attribution for net based artists. 

According to Artsy, “Petra Cortright uses a range of mediums, both digital and analog, to explore the aesthetics and performative cultures of online consumption… Espousing a rough home-video aesthetic, Cortright often records herself performing simple acts and gestures, such as kicking a football, tugging at a tree branch, or dancing around a bedroom. Her works, which frequently employ effects, filters, or computer graphics, highlight video memes and behaviors common to sites like Youtube.”

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