Es un proyecto de CREAS A.C. dedicado a la difusión de obras realizadas por autoras, fuera de la industria, tanto en cine
como en video.
Selección realizada por Natalia Piñuel (Playtime Audiovisuales)
A project from CREAS A.C about women filmmakers.
Curated by Natalia Piñuel – Playtime Audiovisuales- Follow us @playtimeav
and @petulak
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LAURA  MULVEY AND PETER WOLLEN: Frida Kalo & Tina Modotti (1983)

#Laura Mulvey   #UK  

LAURA  MULVEY AND PETER WOLLEN: Riddles of the Sphinx- excerpt of a feature film- (1977)

#Laura Mulvey   #UK  

JODIE MACK: Point de Gaze (2012)

#Jodie Mack   #UK  

BEATRICE GIBSON: Agatha-excerpt of a film performance- (2012)

CHIARA MARAÑÓN: The boy who never went ice skating-excerpt of a work (2012)

Beatrice Gibson: The Tiger's Mind (trailer) from klas on Vimeo.

BEATRICE GIBSON: Trailer of her work- The Tiger’s mind- (2012)

ELIZABETH PRICE:Elizabeth Price discusses her work and exhibiiton- HERE at BALTIC- (2012)

SAMANTHA REBELLO: Continuun- 16mm Film Performance- (2005)

SARAH PUCILL: Fall in Frame-excerpt of a experimental work- (2009)

#sarah pucill   #UK  

Vicki Bennett (People like us): A selection Works (2009-11)

#Vicki Bennet   #UK